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The 5 Best Places in Exuma for Social Media Pictures 

Looking for the most Instagram-worthy spots in Exuma? Read on to discover the top five places in Exuma for capturing picture-perfect moments. Each location offers a unique backdrop—crystal-clear waters, sun-kissed shores, and breathtaking panoramas for pictures but unforgettable experiences in this tropical haven.

1. Thunderball Grotto

Known as a national historic landmark, and notably featured in the James Bond movies, Thunderball Grotto is the epitome of picturesque. From pools of sapphire blue water to stunning rock formations, you simply cannot miss taking a picture here. 

Don’t just explore the surface though - dive down to experience underwater scenes unlike you’ve ever seen before. Snorkelers and divers love this spot for a reason. When the sunlight streams in from above, the water looks like it’s glowing! 

How to Get There: Thunderball Grotto is located just off the shore of Staniel Cay, only reachable by water. This makes it a popular stop for yacht charters. It’s also not too far from Big Major Cay (aka Pig Beach). 

2. Compass Cay

Did you know you can actually swim with sharks in the Bahamas? Don’t worry, these aren’t Great White Sharks. Swimming with nurse sharks is actually a popular activity over at Compass Cay.

In fact, despite their name, nurse sharks are actually docile fish and are safe to swim with. They may take a curious nip or two, but it’s often harmless. 

How to Get There: Compass Cay can only be reached by boat. Most Exumas yacht charters originate in Nassau to island hop to this amazing island. 

3. Coco Plum Beach

Located in the Exumas, Coco Plum Beach is. From pure white sand and shimmering

water, this beach looks like it came straight off a postcard. Plus, the famous wooden swings in the clear, turquoise waters make for a perfect photo op. 

How to Get There: Located on the northern end of Great Exuma, you’ll need a car to get here. There are car rentals available, as well as taxi services.

4. George Town

Visit George Town for bars, beaches, and amazing views. If you’re looking for fun, try the rope swing. If you’re looking to relax or doze off, enjoy a cocktail in the hammock. Both make excellent shots for social media. 

Don’t forget to say hello to the manta rays swimming in the water! Wade in the shallows and stroke them as they glide along close to the surface. 

How to Get There: Get to George Town by flying in from Nassau. The airport offers twice daily service, once in the morning (usually around 6:20 AM) and once at 4 PM. 

5. Big Major Cay (aka Pig Beach)

Perhaps the most popular attraction in the Exumas, Pig Beach is home to a colony of swimming pigs that you can feed, snuggle, and photograph. Though their origin remains unknown, these pigs will eagerly swim up to you looking for a snack. 

While mostly friendly and inquisitive, the pigs may get a little aggressive, so be sure to follow instructions from your guide to safely get close to them. 

How to Get There: You can travel to Pig Beach on a private boat tour or a tour from another island in the Exumas or Nassau. 

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